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Baby Shower Favor Ideas
La Di Da Baby Tips

Favors are not just for weddings! Favors are small tokens of thanks for the guests and often tie into the theme of the party. They can be handmade or purchased, simple or extravagant. Favors are not required, but they add a nice touch give the guests something to remember the great baby shower they just attended.


Make Your Own Favors

Are you really crafty and have some available time, then this is the option for you. Use your skills – if you know how to crochet or knit, then why not make little baby booties and fill them with candies? Good with flowers? Fill a mini watering can with some flowers for each guest to take home. This has the added bonus of also serving as a great table decoration.

You can personalize almost any favor using a handwritten or printed tag. Add a tag with the expectant parent’s or mom-to-be’s name and the date or the party, ““Susie’s Baby Shower, September 20, 2007.” If you have room on the tag or product, add a cute little saying and a “Thank you for coming to my shower” note. If the baby’s name is known, a welcome message is also an alternative: “Welcome Baby Jane! Due June 5, 2007.”

Assemble the Favors

Not so creative, but good with crafts? There are favor kits available in the marketplace that include the favor components and are ready to assemble.

Buy Readymade

You have enough to do with the baby shower planning! Buy the favors that fit the baby shower theme and have them ready to set out on the day of the party. There are several favor options you can purchase that are personalized, from candy bar wrappers to seed packets and even bath salt packets.

Favor Ideas

  • Personalized candy bars

  • Bath salts or bath petals, personalized, placed in a container or wrapped in pretty matching tulle.

  • Filled containers with M&M’s, jelly beans or other candies. The containers can be simple mini pails, glass jars, baby shoes, plastic carriages, and baby bottles, anything you can think of!

  • Bath lotions (personalize the label!)

  • Chocolates molded in baby or baby shower themes

  • Baby item shaped cookie cutters

  • Candles and votive holders

  • Picture frames – after the baby arrives, send a picture of the new baby to the guests to fill the frame.

  • Decorated baby themed cookies

  • Flowers placed in a cute container

  • Lip balms can be personalized to match the shower theme

  • Rubber Duckies

  • Magnets can be personalized with the baby shower information. Also good as save the date items! Check out VistaPrint with 50% Off All Magnets for inexpensive options.

La Di Da Baby Tips:
Make your favors in advance! It will be less stressful if you aren’t finishing the favors the night before or the morning of the party.

Get help assembling the favors. This is a great task to give to the grandma’s to be or other relatives who have expressed an interest in helping with the shower.

Use your favors to accent the decorations. If you are providing a seated meal, set the favors out as place holders or as the table centerpiece.

Wrap the favors in tulle or cellophane for a pretty look. Either match the wrapping or the ribbon to the colors used for the baby shower decorations.

Online Resources
Baby shower favor ideas from Baby Center

Nice candy wrappers:

VistaPrint for custom favors - magnets, bookmarks, etc.


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