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Baby Shower Games and Activities


• Baby Shower Activity: Create Keepsakes
• Baby Shower Games

• Baby Shower Game Prizes
• La Di Da Baby Tips

Not all baby shower parties feature games or activities, nor do they have to, but it can be fun to involve the guests in a group activity. Baby shower games and activities should be entertaining and allow the guests to interact together.

Create Keepsakes

Decorate baby items!
Decorate onesies, bibs and t-shirts using fabric paints, fabric pens or tie-dye.  This activity does double duty by also providing a party decoration.  Hang the items to dry using baby hangers or clothes pins on a colorful (theme matching) ribbon.  Read instructions for the pens and tie dye material - you may need to set the color on the garments in the dryer.  Prewash the items prior to the party.  Have the guests sign the clothing tags.  Spark ideas by setting out coloring books or providing stamps and stencils.  Use wax paper and/or cardboard inserts to protect the fabric and provide a good work surface.  If using paints, hang the decorated items to dry on line using clothes pins.

You can purchase supplies at your local Target, K-Mart or Wal-Mart.  All sell plain white or pastel onesies and bibs in packs of five plus.   Supplies can also be purchased online at Amazon:
Onesies pack
Fabric paints
Fabric pens

Non-clothing items can be decorated by the guests and given as a present.  Consider painting wood baby blocks, customizing a piggy bank or even creating or decorating a baby quilt during the party.

Board, Scrapbook Page, Book
Provide a place for guests to sign-in that will be something the mom-to-be can use as a keepsake from the baby shower.

Create a Baby Advice Book

Fill out Recipe Cards

Take pictures during the shower and send them to the mom-to-be after the party.

Baby Shower Games

Baby Bottle Drink: This is a great game for a coed baby shower party.  Clean and fill baby bottles with equal amounts of beer for the gents and root beer for the under 21 set or non-drinkers.  Gather the participants and hand out the filled bottles.  Have each person wait for the “Drink!” signal and kick off the game.  The first person to drink all of the contents of the bottle wins!  The winner at the baby shower I attended that had chewed off the tip of the nipple and was able to get a better flow.

M&M or jelly bean count: This is a stand alone game and can be done at the guest’s leisure.  Fill a baby bottle or jar with M&Ms or jelly beans and be sure to count the quantity of candies.  Use color coordinated candies for a special touch.  Set out the filled container, a sheet of paper and pen with a line for guests name and guess. Ask the guests to guess the correct number of candies in the container.  The person closest to the correct amount wins - announce winner at the end of the games session.



Baby Draw, a pictionary type game


Game Sheets

Customize the games by entering the expectant parents name in the header of the document. Print out enough copies of the games for all of the guests, the host and an extra for the mom-to-be to take home. Make sure you have enough pens or pencils for the guests. Have a timer on hand and restrict the fill in time to three or five minutes.

Hand out each of the games sheets to the guests and explain the rules to the group. Give the answer to the first question as an example. After the game time is up or all the guests have completed the game, the host should go through the list, read the questions / challenge and explain the answer. The guests then taly their correct responses.

Baby Animals (*option to change this up = ask the guest to think up cute names for the baby animals. guests then decide on who has named each of the animals the best (fluffy, stretch, etc.)
dog – puppy
cat – kitten
giraffe - calf
swan - cygnet
toad – tadpole
goose - gosling
bear - cub
duck - duckling
whale - calf
cow - calf
pig - piglet
hen – chick
kangaroo – joey
skunk – kit
horse - foal

Baby Item Scramble

bottle - tbolte
diaper – redpai
stroller - lrrletos
car seat - acr tesa
labor -rblao
epidural - uredipla
high chair - ghih acrih
first steps - sfirt espst
bassinet - stesiabn
pacifier – cfiieapf
nursing - igsunrn
lactation – cnttlaaoi
infant - itnfan
wipe - iwpe
baby – yabb


Baby Shower Games A to Z

If you need a quick game solution, check out  Baby Shower Games A to offers a huge selection of ready to print games, including Baby Shower Bingo, Baby Outburst and Baby Trivia.  Many of the games are great for couple showers too.


Baby Shower Game Prizes
Game prizes can be small tokens or big prizes; it depends on the shower theme and your budget. You can either have them wrapped and make the item a surprise, or wrap them with tulle or a simple bow and allow the game winner to select the item they want.

Here are some inexpensive ideas:

  • $5 or $10 gift cards to Starbucks, Jamba Juice or your local ice cream shop
  • Candles
  • CDs
  • Lotions
  • Bath Salts or Bath Petals
  • Eye Masks
  • Sachets

La Di Da Baby Tips:
Don’t go overboard on the games – try to limit them to about 30 minutes of the party.

Have extra game prizes on hand in case of ties. If you have left-over prizes, you can give them items to a guest who has been very helpful, as a prize for a guest who had the least amount of correct answers or the mom-to-be.

Online Resources
Free baby shower games and ideas at Babbee Baby Showers

Printable baby shower games from


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