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What do you give at a baby shower? A baby shower is held to celebrate the baby and to provide items needed by the new parents to care for their new addition: car seats, nursery furniture, strollers, changing tables, bedding, clothing, feeding, bathing equipment and diapers. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give fun items as well or items meant for the parents – toys, plush animals, silver spoons are always welcome. I like to go for a combination!

Baby Gift Registry

Ask the expectant parents to register before you send out the invitations to the baby shower. This will allow you to include the registry information with the invitations or tell the guests where they are registered when they rsvp.

Some online baby registries:



Gifts for Baby
Small items and high-end items can be combined or enhanced with related items and some really cute “nice to haves.” Some examples:

  • Fill a baby bath tub with related bath items, including washcloths, rubber ducks and towels.
  • Fill a bassinet, crib or Moses basket with sleep related items. Bedding, a plush animal, sleepy time books, and a special blankie always make nice gifts.
  • Top a changing table pad with a pad cover and then add diapering related gifts. Wrap the whole thing up with cellophane or tulle.

  The Baby Bunch Blue

Have you ever seen Baby Bunch? Its a baby bouquet containing beautiful flowers and 100% cotton baby clothing wrapped like a rose and attached to stems.  Each bunch includes a tee, two solid bodysuits, one striped hat, one bib, one pair of white socks, and one pair of colored socks. The bunches are available in blue, pink or yellow.  I think this makes a great gift to bring to the hospital or when visiting a new mom.

My son lived in this rocker from Baby Bjorn and we've passed it on to his cousins to use once he outgrew it. We switched to this after he outgrew his vibrating seat and he used it for almost two years! It folded wonderfully for easy transportation - we would take it with us everywhere!
BABYBJORN(r) Baby Sitter 1-2-3 - BABYBJORN(r) Baby Sitter (Black & Red) 16 x 36h
BABYBJORN(r) Baby Sitter 1-2-3 - BABYBJORN(r)

I like to add a soft stuffed animal when I give baby shower gifts.  If I'm making a basket, I'll choose an animal that matches the color or theme of the items.   If I need to wrap a box, I'll purchase a small beanie baby or other plush animal and use that instead of a bow.  And of course, I use stuffed animals as toppers on most of the diaper cakes I create.

Check out the Ty Babies animals at  Click on the link and use coupon code NEWSTUFFTOMER at checkout for 10% off any order.

I'd love to make a new jungle theme cake using the cutest elephant, Winks or a frog themed diaper cake using Leapers.   I just finished one for the Year of the Pig using Piggy Pig. has competitive pricing and a great selection.


Ty® Pluffies® 10" Winks Elephant

Ty® Pluffies® 10" Piggy Pig


Gifts for Mom

Give the mom-to-be something special to commemorate this special period of her life.

Custom designed jewelry doesn’t have to be too expensive and can incorporate the baby’s birthstone. Check out selections at Romeo and Jewels and inquire about their custom jewelry.

Pampering related gifts will be appreciated!  Give her a good quality hand lotion! I remember washing my hands a gazillion times after the birth of my son and suffering from seriously chapped hands. A good quality, unscented or lightly scented hand lotion can help!

Give a gift certificate for a pedicure. She may not be able to reach her toes at this stage! Give it with something she can use immediately, like bath luxury bath items or a hand crème.

La Di Da Baby Tips:
Sometimes the best gift is your time – give handmade coupons for babysitting services, meals for the first few weeks the baby is home, foot massages, etc. Your time is always appreciated!

If you want to give a large gift but can’t afford it, ask others who are attending the baby shower if they would like to contribute to a group gift.

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