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La Di Da Baby Tips

What food and drinks you serve depend on your budget, the mom-to-beís wishes, the time and the location of the baby shower.

Food Ideas
Theme the food around baby foods (as in tiny!). Serve tea sandwiches, petit fours and scaled down appetizers. Small crackers, cheese cubes, and bay shrimp are always fun (and not necessarily in that order).

Vegetable and fruit trays can be purchased or assembled in advance.

Serve tea, lemonade and punch! Provide plenty of water and sparkling water. Serve the mom-to-be the sparkling water in a champagne glass for a nice touch.

Let Them Eat Cake!
You donít have to serve a meal, but you should serve cake! Want to have something a little different? Serve cupcakes! Find a picture of what you would like or bring in some of the party themed items when you go to your local supermarkets and bakeries for options. Most will be able to copy the image or create something very similar.

Cake Decorating Resources
This site has some fabulous examples of beautiful baby shower cakes:

CakeCentral is a site for cake professional and has everything you need to research the perfect cake. Get recipes and check out the gallery for hundreds of beautiful ideas! You may even find a local baker who can create your cake.

La Di Da Baby Tips:
Donít feel you have to serve a huge meal. Unless the baby shower is scheduled for lunch time, guests usually donít expect more than finger foods and cake.

Scatter snacks throughout the location to make munching easier while allowing guests to mingle.

Ask the Mom-to-be: Do you mind if there is alcohol served to the guests?
Some moms-to-be may find it frustrating to watch their guests enjoy a glass of wine, while others donít mind at all and welcome the idea that their guests have the option of a alcoholic beverages. This isnít to say serving alcohol at a baby shower hosted at the local church would be appropriate, but some locations and party times may call for some sangria or wine.

You can purchase color-coordinating jelly beans in your local supermarket and order custom printed M&Ms online. Iíve also seen and purchased 8 ounce bags of one color M&Ms at CVS (mix and match! I used white and lavender for the last baby shower).

Online Resources
Recipes at All Recipes
Recipes from the Food Network

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